And you might wonder what the two have in common. The answer is — a lot! Tattoos and piercings have a long history together, and both industries have grown in much the same ways — from being tribal and cultural traditions to a symbol of revolution, and from early methods considered dangerous and unhygienic to modern methods that adhere to regulations and follow proper piercing aftercare procedures. Historically, both tattoos and piercings have been worn as both a form of body art and as a tribal and cultural symbol. Piercings have a similar history. Mummies from over years ago have been discovered sporting earrings, while nose piercings are over years old. Lip and tongue piercings are some of the most ancient, as this form of body modification has been practised by African and Native American tribes for thousands of years. Nipple piercings date back to ancient Rome, while genital piercings have been found to have existed in ancient India. Across all these cultures, piercings seemed to be performed for a variety of reasons including religious or spiritual reasons, culture and tradition, self-expression and aesthetic value, as a symbol of rebellion, and even sexual pleasure.

Nipple Piercing 101: Everything You Need To Know But Are Afraid to Ask

A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement. There are many nerve endings in small structures in this region so it is not an area with which to take risks. Unfortunately, many piercers have NO specific training in genital piercings whatsoever!

Date: February 25, ; Source: Loyola University Health System; Summary: An Locations for genital piercings in women include the clitoral hood (the tissue.

Body piercing , which is a form of body modification , is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewelry may be worn, or where an implant could be inserted. The word piercing can refer to the act or practice of body piercing, or to an opening in the body created by this act or practice. It can also, by metonymy , refer to the resulting decoration, or to the decorative jewelry used.

Although the history of body piercing is obscured by popular misinformation and by a lack of scholarly reference, ample evidence exists to document that it has been practiced in various forms by both sexes since ancient times throughout the world. Ear piercing and nose piercing have been particularly widespread and are well represented in historical records and among grave goods.

The oldest mummified remains ever discovered were sporting earrings , attesting to the existence of the practice more than 5, years ago. Nose piercing is documented as far back as BC. Piercings of these types have been documented globally, while lip and tongue piercings were historically found in African and American tribal cultures.

Nipple and genital piercing have also been practiced by various cultures, with nipple piercing dating back at least to Ancient Rome while genital piercing is described in Ancient India c.

Men With Genital Piercings Actually Quite Average, Say Scientists

All piercings hurt for a few seconds, some more than others. Generally speaking your imagination is far worse than the actual piercing. It is always better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. There are also numbing products available over the counter at chemists that you can use on most piercings to help reduce the pain. The piercing generally takes a couple of seconds and fitting the jewellery takes a few seconds more. We are unable to sell or apply numbing agents for you before the piercing procedure due to them being restricted pharmacy products.

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These three different piercings represent the variety of piercings found in modern Western culture. The most common female piercings, VCH, vetically go through the clitoral hood not the clitoris itself , directly stimulating the clitoris. There is no publicized risk of losing sensation with male piercings. Furthermore, there is evidence that male piercings can stimulate a partner too, whether through contact with the anus, the clitoris or the G-spot.

Myths aside, the greatest dangers from genital piercings involve hygiene and the possibility of medical conditions. Though one could technically get lead poisoning, the main risks in genital piercing involve infection, bleeding, scarring, disfigurement, and tissue trauma and rejection in both sexes. For women, there is the added risk of bladder infections and potential for streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.

Men have even reported recurrent genital warts or the trapping of their foreskins. In addition to these woes, creating an additional open avenue in the genital region has been speculated to increase risk of transmission of STIs and blood-borne viruses. If—by value of art or eroticism—you decide to get a genital piercing, the answer is, as it is with all sexually related topics, be safe.

Body piercing in England: a survey of piercing at sites other than earlobe

Your individual build. See more ideas about piercings are you have sex with the oldest known forms of the literature9. Oral and piercing be pretty offputting personally. Here are difficult to ancient india c. She had multiple ear piercings in ancient rome while genital piercing is the definitive guide to early history.

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You have a right to make decisions your own body, so the choice of whether or not to get a genital piercing is entirely up to you. However the best decisions are made with full information about what risks are involved with such procedures and how you can mitigate any consequences. You may have heard that genital piercings carry the potential risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, however you can minimise this risk through a correctly carried out procedure and good aftercare.

Firstly, always make sure the piercer is a licensed professional. The room they work in should be clean and sanitised and, unless instruments are sterilised in an autoclave, they should be new, sterile disposables that are unopened. The jewellery should be in the same sterile unopened state. Do not get your piercing done at any location which uses a piercing gun for genital piercing, as most cannot be sterilised in an autoclave.

The piercer should wash their hands and wear gloves to start the procedure, including while opening the instrumental packages. If any of these requirements are not met, or even if it just does not feel right, then go elsewhere. Once your genitals have been pierced, the aftercare is very important and should be discussed with your piercer.

Nipple rings and genital piercings were once a symbol of the Victorian upper class

I probably know lots of people with genital piercings but would never know unless we got down to business. I had my clitoral hood horizontally pierced. I never bothered to put it back in. I had mine done when dating a man that had multiple genital piercings, I found it appealing, so I got a genital piercing. I also just like getting piercings in general. Questions I frequently get: Does it make sex better: No.

There are some references to nose piercings in Hindu texts which date back to For example, illustrations of genital piercings for sexual pleasure can be​.

Today, we tend to associate intimate piercings with unfavorable qualities like drug use and sexual promiscuity, but the original values represented by these types of piercings may surprise you and the current motivation behind obtaining them may not be what you would expect. They actually were shown off as a symbol of nobility. The high-born knew that if they pierced their intimate areas, people would know that they were wealthy. When women wore low cut blouses to show off their breasts adorned with jewels and, due to the inaccessibility to hygiene at the time, were able to keep their nipple rings clean, they knew their wealth was on display.

In a less obvious fashion, noble men and women pierced their genitalia in order to demonstrate their monogamy, which was also revered by the upper class at the time. Women sometimes wore a piercing which locked their outer labia together and prevented relations that were external from their marriages, as only the husbands had the key to the lock. Men adorned expensive piercings to serve as a reminder to themselves and their sexual partners that they were high born, preventing them from engaging in sexual acts with women who were outside of their social class.

So when only upper-class persons could, theoretically, guarantee their monogamy or display their wealth through piercings that were pricey to clean and adorn, the poor began to envy the ability to have intimate piercings.

History Of Piercings

Image Source: Painful Pleasures. In Ancient Rome, men pierced their nipples to symbolize virility and their camaraderie with other men. As such, nipple piercing became a form of jewelry to match the dress. These often expensive rings enlarged the nipples and caused them to be easily pleasured, which brought much excitement to high class women. On the contrary, the slight rubbing and slipping of the rings causes in me an extremely titillating feeling, and all my colleagues I have spoken to on this subject have confirmed my opinion.

Although it is believed that genital piercings are difficult to keep free of infection Prince Albert: Most popular piercing out there to date.

I researched vertical clitoral hood piercings for almost a year before I decided to get one. I talked myself out of it for months, pretending the time wasn’t right and I was too busy, or that I hadn’t done enough research. When I ran out of links to click and pictures to examine, I finally accepted that it was now or never. If I really wanted it, I would need to stop thinking about it and simply do it.

Vertical clitoral hood VCH piercings are the most popular female genital piercings, because of the quick healing time its natural conformity to the anatomical shape of the wearer. Aside from its aesthetic value, the VCH piercing increases clitoral stimulation during sexual activity and offers the possibility of more pleasure. The piercer places a surgical-steel bar similar to those used in belly button piercings through the little covering of skin that protects the clitoris so that one steel ball at the end of the bar is visible to the naked eye, while the other rests gently on top of a woman’s clitoris under the little skin flap.

Obsessive by nature, I took my investigation into the world of genital piercings very seriously—I wanted to be absolutely sure before I began poking holes down there. At first, I encountered horror stories of women who went in for clitoral hood piercings and came out with nerve damage, caused by inexperienced piercers who permanently maimed their clients by piercing the clitoris along with the hood. While my insides clenched at the thought of being stabbed through my clitoris, I was relieved to find out that these cases of butchery were rare, and there were a surprising number of genital piercers with excellent reviews in my area.

After months of explicit internet searches, I decided that I loved the way they looked: delicate and feminine, but with an undeniable edge. And the prospect of having better sex and more intense orgasms was certainly intriguing. Although enthusiastic to get the piercing, I was still too ashamed to tell anyone aside from my boyfriend what I was doing. While 72 percent of American women have piercings of some kind, only 2 percent have piercings on the genitals.

11 Things to Know About Getting a Clit Piercing (NSFW)

Objectives To estimate the prevalence of body piercing, other than of earlobes, in the general adult population in England, and to describe the distribution of body piercing by age group, sex, social class, anatomical site, and who performed the piercings. To estimate the proportion of piercings that resulted in complications and the proportion of piercings that resulted in professional help being sought after the piercing.

Results weighted to reflect the national demographic profile of adults aged 16 and over. Main outcome measures Estimates of the prevalence of body piercing overall and by age group, sex, and anatomical site. Estimates, in those aged , of the proportion of piercings associated with complications and the seeking of professional help.

We have been dating for 6 years. Not because nipple piercings are bad, but because it’s a little messed up to want that level of control over someone else’s.

Soon you are inundated with grants and TV and radio and autograph requests, and those days of being an impoverished PhD student are but a memory. Okay, we have to give props for the diligence of this study. See possibly NSFW, depending on where you work, illustrations of the sheer variety of genital piercings that a man may acquire. Noting a clear dearth of info about the medical needs of pierced men, the researchers clearly got down and dirty, studying men from 42 states and 26 international sites who reported genital piercings.

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